About Us

Interior Craft is specialized in manufacturing engineered products, design and installation of residential main gates, railings, shower Cabins, spiders and stair construction for Residence, Commercial, Industrial, Health Care, Educational, Governmental work and so on as we believe in creating difference, by our innovative ideas which then converted into design to make a new product.

Our motto is to provide a complete high quality finished product for your dream project’s architectural division .Interior Craft noted for ensuring elegant execution of the most innovative and artful designs and its uniqueness in the market. We are launching our brand New product in the market named Shower Cabin which has got uniqueness by its structure.

The organizations segments include sustainability, workforce relations, and business intelligence with honesty. Company has been certified as an ISO: 9001:2008. Our innovative, self designed and fabricated products improve the quality of life with a new passion of style. The Interior Craft is uniquely committed to serving our clients and giving the best service with in the industry.

To grow continuously with innovative vision and ideas to cater most architectural needs, while
providing peace of mind to our esteemed clientele.
  • Mission

    • To create out of the box solutions for different architectural tangents
    • To get recognised nationally and globally by our Innovative product range
  • Core Values

    • Honest work ethics
    • Innovation & Creativity
    • Build longterm relations with architects and the clients
    • Continuous Improvements
    • Fulfilling Commitments
    • Attention To Detail
  • Goal

    • Strive to achieve the highest quality and dignity in both the process and products of professional work
    • Continuously work towards achieving modern and unconventional finishes for our products
    • To incorporate latest machinery in the production process for precision and refinement.